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This blog is written in Retro and has served as my primary means of posting things concerning Retro since 2010. The core code for Corpse is included in the Retro releases and can be freely studied and deployed.

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Rebuilding without the Full Image

I was asked today if building the image required anything not in the initial dictionary provided by the kernel. The answer is yes; the metacompiler and the kernel require a fair amount of functionality from the full image.

I have now put together a customized metacompiler and initial kernel that can be built using only the functions in the initial dictionary. The only additional functions added are bye and save. The code is available online.

With this you can build a minimal image capable of rebuilding itself. However, this is still limited in many ways. There's no extended support for quotes, no prefixes, no vocabularies, etc. It can load the second half of the core.rx to build a full image file.

I might do something similar for a future release, but for now this should be usable for study purposes.

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