Starting with the 11.3 release, we are using the services of Launchpad to manage the repositories and bug tracking. While not mandatory, it is recommended that you create a Launchpad account if you plan to contribute to the main repository.

Bug Reports

Bugs can be reported to the mailing list or via the bug tracker on Launchpad. I would prefer use of the bug tracker.


With 11.3, we have moved development to a Bazaar repository. This should make handling incoming patches somewhat easier. You can make a branch, and we can merge it into the main repository as necessary.


bzr branch lp:retro-language retro-language

In your branch, make changes and commit:

bzr add <files>
bzr status
bzr commit -m "commit message"

I recommend using bzr status to check exactly which files are being committed.

And push to a new branch:

bzr push lp:~<username>/retro-language/<branchname>

Replace <username> and <branchname> with your Launchpad account name and the name of your branch. Once this is done, future bzr push invocations should use the specified branch by default.

When you're ready for me to merge, file a merge request on Launchpad, or send me an email.


If you can not use Bazaar and Launchpad, you can email patches (or modified files and instructions) to Note that patches will take longer to merge into the main repository.